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Dedicated space for hairstylists to organize work, create a professional portfolio and grow with community


Say goodbye to

paper notebooks

I've been working as a hairdresser for 18 years, during which I understood the secret to gain client loyalty. It's very obvious, but yet requiring extra effort - taking notes about each client to provide more personal service and improve results. It's not only conversation topics, birthdays or family events, but also colour formulas and hints for the next visit.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, but that's exactly why we created Stay In Charm - to reduce these struggles to a minimum and even open new opportunities to learn and inspire.

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Juozas Proškevičius

Founder & Professional Hair Stylist


How it works?


Import or create client list


Save notes, photos and color formulas of each visit


Use it next visit or share it with community

Take control & organize

  • Quickly setup client list and contacts

  • Upload and organize work photos

  • Create photo gallery for each client

  • Save visit info: color formulas, services, prices, notes and hints

  • Set birthday reminders

  • Never lose your data - it's backed up in the cloud

Quickly save & find formulas

  • Use advanced but yet simple color formula editor to quickly create new formulas

  • Set color palettes to speed it up even more

  • Edit, copy or adjust any of existing formulas with ease

  • Find new color formulas in the public gallery shared by the community of professionals

Show your creative work

  • Save photos with color formulas and create a professional portfolio

  • Publish your creative, inspire others and get feedback from community

What People Say

I feel like as a hairdresser there are no apps out there that you can save your clients formulas in!!!!

I am super excited about this app

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For hair stylsits who want to become more efficient, Stay In Charm is a dedicated mobile App to organize work notes, photos, color formulas, build portfolio and find examples.


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