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How to gain client loyalty?

For me, it started with a common question: how to gain client loyalty?

I'm Juozas, the founder of Stay In Charm - the one who came up with an idea to use technology to save time for stylists and develop better relationships with clients.

I've been working as a hairdresser for 18 years, during which I was able to form a circle of high paying and loyal clients. I always tried to learn from the best, but especially my mother - a hairdresser, who during her long carrier always showed personal attention to each client and eventually earned their endless love.

Her secret was quite obvious - she has mastered taking notes. She wrote down not only conversation topics, birthdays, family events, children names, hobbies, but also color formulas and hints for the next visit.

Easier said than done, but I knew I have to do the same to really get the results I want. But writing down all those things on paper, storing it and then searching through seemed too much time and effort. I wanted to improve, find a better way...

Being a member of a new generation, I turned to technology, more particularly - to the device that's naturally always by my side - a mobile phone. It was then the Stay In Charm App was born and reduced my daily hairdresser struggles to a minimum and even opened new opportunities to learn and find inspiration...

If you haven't already, find out how Stay In Charm App can save you time and provide better services - download the App.


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