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Why I save hair color formulas?

Saving hair color formulas

Why even in a hurry I still save color formulas?

This time I want to share my experience of why it is so important to save each clients coloring formulas.

How often do you hear a request from clients: I want the same color as last time? This is usually what returning clients want, returning because I was able to live up to their expectations during their first visit. This is very important: attracting people for the first visit is not that difficult, but it takes a great deal of effort to demonstrate your professionalism so they can return the second, third and twenty-third time.

Clients value personal attention and tailor-made solutions so when they see how you mark their visit history, they understand that you are thinking ahead and waiting for the customer to come back.

And no matter the complexity of the formula - even if it's just a single color, when I open the app I can see straight away what strength of oxidant I was using, what was developing time and other details. All I have to do - when I just mix the color in the bowl - save formula in the App. It will become an automatic work habit. Believe me: this is the best moment to do it - not when the customer is out the door or in the evening, when after a long day of work small details and nuances have already gone from memory.

Also when you tell a client that you are going to put a drop of this or drop of that on their next visit, that will be another motivation for the person to come again and see - what is that amazing color his stylist has prepared this time!

Save some details now in Stay In Charm and you'll never fail again ;)


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